We set out in 2005 from Toronto to cruise south.  We started by going as far south as Florida and the Bahamas before we set off for Bermuda and then the Azores.  From the Azores we travelled through Madeira and to the Canaries, before heading back across the Atlantic to Antigua and then North again until we arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  There we paused, not entirely by design, though we have really enjoyed our time here.  It is a beautiful and historic city, where music and art thrive. Unfortunately it is also a stormy place, thanks to the way Nova Scotia sticks out into the ocean.

Now we are setting off again, leaving to make our way back toward Toronto, where we will pause again.  Our course:  Along the coast of Nova Scotia, pausing in Prince Edward Island, along the coast of New Brunswick and up the St. Lawrence River through Quebec to Lake Ontario.

And we plan to share some of what we find in our travels with you.

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  1. Dante McLean says:

    Hello fellow Alberg folks!
    I am reaching out for information, and can’t find my GLAA Membership List presently. Could you drop me a line by e-mail? I am wintering on an A30, and would like to discuss 🙂

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