Spring is Flirting With Us

Spring, photo by M. Mair

Spring, A Clear Day – photo by Margaret Mair

It’s spring. And that means that the weather is unpredictable.

Three days before I sat down to write this the trees and grass and docks were covered with ice after a day of freezing rain. Everything was slippery. We looked at the forecast and spent the night before up the hill and away from the boat to make sure that we would be able to do what we had committed to doing that day. Even after a bout of sunshine there was still ice on the docks when we came home.

Ice and snow, photo by M. Mair

Ice and Snow, photo by Margaret Mair

Fast forward a couple of days. The sun shone brightly. Under our winter cover the temperature was positively tropical. We kept our cabin doors open most of the day, and enjoyed the influx of light and warmth. When we went for a walk in the park it was full of other people also enjoying the weather. The air was that particular kind of clear that deepened colours and made the light on the tree branches glow.

How quickly things changed. Early the next morning a thunderstorm woke us. The wind began to pick up and misty drizzle rolled through. Then came the showers. Wind-driven water chuckled against the hull. The boat rocked and rolled when the wind gusted, and the cover moved on its frame. We built it flexible, but that didn’t mean we liked to see it flex and sometimes lift a little. The gusts were as high as 80 km/hr – less than we had in the worst winter storm but more than usual. On the other hand we weren’t here when that winter storm came through and we were here to see and feel the spring one.

Spring, misty day, photo by M. Mair

 Mist and Rain, photo by Margaret Mair

The weather keeps cycling. Today was a cold and sunny day, perhaps the most popular kind of day so far. Snow and sleet are expected over night. The forecast for tomorrow is rain and warmer.

I suppose we should just be glad that so far this season nothing has blown off or away from our boat. Though we did notice that someone else has lost a large black fender, the kind that bigger boats – many of the bigger boats here – use. The last time we saw it it was still floating around the marina, going where the wind took it. And we should be happy that the worst of the waves stirred up by the wind have not come round the breakwater into the marina, thanks to the wind direction. Though the bottom of the lake close to shore has been well stirred up and the waters there are an odd beige.

Best enjoy the good days, get through the bad days and look forward to summer and sailing…

Sun in spring, photo by M. Mair

Sun in Spring, photo by Margaret Mair

Written by Margaret Mair

About Margaret Mair

In love with the sensuousness of paint, intoxicated by the rhythm of words, entranced by the world of water, ever an observer and explorer.
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5 Responses to Spring is Flirting With Us

  1. Patricia Whetung says:

    Pictures of our Easter Sunday sail.We were dressed for the cold but…. as it turned out…. overdressed as it was wonderful. Happy Spring. Did all your papers for OASecurity go through? I get my second knee replacement on Wed morning. Gotta catch the first boat. Hi to Richard

    Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 01:23:49 +0000 To: patriciawhetung111@hotmail.com

    • Margaret Mair says:

      Hello, Pat! Yes the papers went through, though it took several phone calls and finally a call to the Office of Satisfaction. Everything finally came through last month.
      Hope your second knee replacement goes very well. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way!

  2. I see buds on the tree in the last picture… 🙂
    And is that Into The Blue with cover in the lower left corner of the marina picture? That is a pretty elaborate cover… impressive!

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